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A cool Stephen King's IT poster I made myself! I know what you're thinking, so where's that poster I found in Google image search? Well, I put together a poster of Pennywise pictures I thought was cool. And I had it set up so you could buy one through [I upload the picture, they print and ship the poster]. Well, it turns out that they removed my poster due to copyright issues. So it seems my poster is not to be.

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Choose A character from Stephen King's IT!
Tim Curry as Pennywise from Stephen Kings IT! Seth Green and Harry Anderson as Richie Tozier in Stephen Kings IT! Emily Perkins and Annette O'Toole as Beverly Marsh in Stephen Kings IT! Adam Faraizl and Dennis Christopher as Eddie Kaspbrak in Stephen Kings IT! Jonathan Brandis and Richard Thomas as Bill Denbrough in Stephen Kings IT!
Brandon Crane and John Ritter as Ben Hanscom in Stephen Kings IT! Ben Heller and Richard Masur as Stan Uris in Stephen Kings IT! Marlon Taylor and Tim Reid as Mike Hanlon in Stephen Kings IT! Tony Dakota as George Denbrough in Stephen Kings IT! Jarred Blancard and Michael Cole as Henry Bowers in Stephen Kings IT!

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