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InfiniteCoolness.com!! I'd have to say that InfiniteCoolness.com is absolutely one of the best movie sites online. But after you've looked over everything here and you're waiting for an update, here are some other very cool movie sites. Be sure to check out the Main Page, to find out about updates and other news about the site! Feel free to leave a message on the site's Message Board. Once you've finished looking around, be sure to check out all of the other sections of the site. They're linked at the top of the page.

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The Internet Movie Database The biggest resource for movie information on the whole web! Cast listings are linked to filmographies, entries have links, quotes, trivia, synopsis and more. Not great for pictures, but top notch and a first stop for movie info!

Movieweb Their site used to be way less commercial with more cool pictures. Still, it's one of the best sources for hi-res pictures from movies. It's where I got a lot of pictures for the old site, before I started capturing my own.

Sci-Fi Wire A fantastic source of movie [and other entertainment] news, I check it myself all the time!

Jam! A great Canadian source for entertainment [including movie] news. Their site was a lot better before they redesigned it, but I still check it often!

Zap2it News A lot of tv related news, but some movie stuff too. The Third major entertainment news source I check often! [just about every day]

JoBlo.com Very similar in scope to what my finished movie section will be like. A great site by another canadian, you can tell these guys love movies!

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