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I have a lot of favorite movies, and I can cover them pretty well with an entry in the movie section. But I feel the need to do more for this great movie. John Carpenter is one of the greatest directors ever and in my humble opinion They Live is his best movie! This is a total rebuild of my old They Live site, and I'm glad it's finally back. If you're a fan of the movie, you won't want to miss my famous Hofmann Room that duplicates the glasses from the movie. Be sure to check out the Main Movie Index, to find out about updates and other news about the site! Feel free to leave a message on the site's Message Board. Once you've finished looking around, be sure to check out the other sections of the site linked on the top of the page.
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John Carpenter's They Live - Movie Tour!!
A scene by scene virtual tour of John Carpenter's They Live. Plot outline, quotes, pictures and more. All in sequential order. Do not take the tour without seeing the movie first!!

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John Carpenter's They Live - The Rebellion!!
Any widespread population control will create at least a small resistance force of those who know about it. We only see one resistance cell in the movie, but I assume there are others. The resistance is very small and fighting seemingly insurmountable odds. This section is all about them and what their plans and tactics are.

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John Carpenter's They Live - Rebel's Message!!
The subliminal signals in They Live are broadcast through TV sets, even when they're off. The human resistance movement have limited gear, but they're able to break into their signal and send their own message temporarily. Interrupting the alien signal causes headaches in anybody watching because their minds have accepted the signal as reality for so long. It doesn't look like the rebel equipment can broadcast too far, or for too long. They take advantage of what time they have by detailing as much as they know of the creatures' agenda. This is a transcript of what signal they could get through...
John Carpenter's They Live - Hoffman Room!!
In They Live, extradimensional creatures are running the world from behind the scenes. Their subliminal commands are everywhere. They use a signal to cover their appearance and commands so the world doesn't know about them. The human resistance movement's scientists have come up with special lenses that let people see through their signal. They're called Hofmann Lenses and they appear in the movie first as sunglasses, then as contact lenses. My Hofmann Room uses javascript and pictures from the movie to let you see through the signal too...
John Carpenter's They Live - The Ghouls!!
Who are these creatures, where did they come from and what do they want? This section details everything about them that's revealed in They Live. Including their tactics and technology. Plus, my thoughts on them and their master plan.

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John Carpenter's They Live - Picture Gallery!!
There are a lot of great scenes in They Live. I've put together a high quality gallery of some of my favorite pics from the movie. John Carpenter is especially great at using the full widescreen picture in his movies, and finally I'm using only widescreen grabs. This is just a start, as I'm working on a section that'll have a lot more pictures. Plus, you'll find some cool They Live desktop wallpapers too! For now this should keep any They Live fan happy. [Warning - contains spoilers, so see the movie first!]

John Carpenter's They Live - Cast!!
The cast of They Live is perfect! I love so many of the characters in this movie, mostly because of the great work of the actors playing them. Not just the main characters either, everyone's great. As I'm putting this section together I've found that unfortunately some of the great actors have died. This section is a tribute to their work, and has pictures, info and links...

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John Carpenter's They Live - Links!!
I try to make this the best They Live site on the web. But once you're finished here, there are some other great They Live and John Carpenter fan sites out there that you should definitely see. It's interesting to see other fan thoughts on this great movie...

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